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"I have a very strict gun control policy: if there's a gun around, I want to be in control of it."

– Client Eastwood


Services Offered
-Precision Rifle barrel design and machining for bolt actions and AR15/AR10 rifles.
-Barrel lapping
-Removal/ installation of rifle barrels
-muzzle brake/suppressor threading and installation.
-action blueprinting
-Bolt modification: handle threading, m16/sako extractor installation and general refinement of internals for smooth operation.
-Trigger refinement for factory triggers and installation of aftermarket triggers
-various metal finishing and protective coatings
– professional assembly 
– professional consultation

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How it Works

Firearm Services takes into account the purpose of the rifle and the customers’ personal requirements to make a product that meets their needs. a customer would contact us (preferably by email) to discuss the available options that best suite their purpose.  Or they can fill out the order form and ship the rifle/ product to us. when the work is completed the customer will be billed and the rifle shipped back to them. Payment is currently accepted in the form of cash, check or money order. CC transactions will be available in the near future. 

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Benefits of Using Me

– The customer is benefited by having the ability to create the rifle they feel best suits there needs

– Access to information accrued from over 20 years of gunsmithing and long range competitive shooting that will help to refine their vision into a functional reality.

– Firearm Services is a supporter of competitive shooting and related education. A portion of proceeds is allocated into shooting sports in order to foster both new and experienced shooters, as well as help ensure the shooting sports are accessible for future shooters.  

Let's Talk About Your Project


Firearm Services offers a variety of options. These options are specifically designed to help the shooter improve the performance of their rifle for their exact purposes. The level of accuracy and performance goes far beyond that of common factory configurations to give the shooter the most ideal advantages, in the field or at the match by offering configurations that simply aren’t available in common factory built rifles. This allows the user to have to utmost confidence in their equipment. So, they can focus all their attention on the situational variables. This ultimately results in a better experience for the shooter and allows them to help pinpoint areas where improvement is needed, without having to concern themselves with mechanical limitations.